Tuesday, August 25


I understand. You know what? I understand why be in a relationship is god damn tired. Is about to compromise with our parents. We cant be caught up into that situation because they will punished us and we cant be together with our loved ones. Besides, whenever we wanna go out with 'em. We have to lie. Isn't it? If your parents are open minded enough. It's not a problem for you! But MOST of the parents now do not allow their kids be on a relationship. Why? Because they want them to get good results. and worst of all. we don't do that. (as for a normal kid like me ><) So, this is in my point of view~!

To avoid this situation. I came out with this idea. Which is: For this final term examination, and for next year restream, (our stupid school is going to restream us again in our form 5 year =.=") I planned to study really hard. So I can tell them/prove to them I can do good in my studies and be in a relationship simultaneously! ....

Actually, it's all in my mind. Scorpio needs these two. Its important for 'em. It's important for scorpio to have romance and career. Seriously, No lying. hmm.. and i had these planing came into my mind.

My mind is so busy during this week holidays. Hahas. Not really having fun ya know. T__T sad case.

Monday, August 24


I want to go. But I don't want to ask. and maybe better i don't go. Im tired of. errr.. Lying.
Can I don't lie to my parents?

To go.
I have to lie.
No more any better way.
Im tired.

Saturday, August 22


You know what? Do you know that? Im such a useless girlfriend ya know.. serious im serious. really true and not false.. hmm.. how u say that? erm.. kinda wierd u know.. but its true..

some times i hate. some times i like. and sometimes i LOVE.


hmm.. cause.. its wat u wan. u must get. isnt it selfish? but its the scope. *sigh*

wat if i don believe it? No way! You gotta be kidding me rite? hmm it is real ya know that?
erm.. can i change it? lol.. its funny.
how can u change its own personalities?
owh.. maybe i can? Or maybe not...

feeling down..

I wan you.
Shift to my school.
It's selfish.
I know.
So i hide my feelings.
To not let your parents think im those 'kind' of girl.
So I don't wanna talk bout it anymore.

Nah. i know im not alright. that's shows how useless am i.

I just know how to make you cry.
I only pile up your burden.
I don't make any difference in your life.
I don't think im perfect for you.
But i love u very much.
But is there anything i do for you is helpful enough?

Recently, Im soooooo in love with piano! lol..
watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw9xzXenpgY&NR=1

shouldn't be so str8 forward rite? im not that kind of person. T__T